20 Ways SETCDC has made Southeast Texas a Better Place

Founded in 1993, the Southeast Texas Community Development Corporation, Inc. (SETCDC), a non-profit organization with offices in Beaumont and Port Arthur, has had a significant and positive impact on the lives of children and families that live within the tri-county region that it serves. It has also had a dynamic impact on area businesses, financial institutions, utility companies, and local taxing authorities.

This "impact statement" is intended to be shared with community leaders and to demonstrate how SETCDC has made a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and the community as a whole.

1. Sixty (60) new houses have been constructed in the community for first-time buyers. This represents as many new buyers entering the economy at market level.

2. Over twenty-eight (28) existing houses have been rehabilitated.

3. The appraisal value of new property is over $3,200,000.

4. Over $2.6 million in long-term mortgages has been secured from local financial institutions to finance new home ownership

5. Over $3.4 million has been secured from financial institutions for builders' interim construction financing.

6. Over $1.6 million has been spent at area businesses for lumber, construction materials, appliances, household goods, etc. for the construction of fifty-six (56) new houses.

7. Over $500,000 has been spent at area businesses for lumber, construction materials, appliances, etc. for the rehabilitation of twenty-eight (28) preexisting houses.

8. The appraised value of rehabilitated houses has increased by over $750,000.

9. The increased valuations of the new and rehabilitated houses have had a significant increase on the revenue assessed and collectible for city, county and school district taxes.

10. The new and improved properties have increased revenue for electric, telephone, water, sewer, and gas utility companies.

11. Numerous jobs have been created for builders and construction workers in the home building job-market due to the erection and rehabilitation of the over 80 houses.

12. The home building and home improvement programs have stimulated an increase in the sale of homeowners' insurance, furniture, home appliances, and household goods.

13. The home building and home improvement programs have introduced vacant lots into revamped neighborhoods, including new sidewalks and improved streets.

14. New and rehabilitated houses helped stop area blight and decay.

15. Over 195 children and adults are enjoying first-time house ownership (based upon an average of 3.5 persons per home).

16. Over 90 children and adults are enjoying higher living standards in new and rehabilitated houses (based upon an average of 3.5 persons per home).

17. Over 200 children and adults are now stakeholders in these new and improved communities.

18. The economy and business impact of SETCDC efforts is over $8.1 million.

19. The human impact on children and their families and the community is responsible, tax paying homeowners who are proud of their homes and community.

20. The population of the Beaumont Independent School District has significantly increased, providing growth and stability for families and the communities in which they live.